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The Perfect Pedal Set gives you all the essential guitar pedal effects you need between your guitar and amp to play right "out-of-the-box”; two Easy-to-Use guitar pedals are integrated together with SIX EFFECTS: Overdrive, Compressor, Noise Gate, Reverb, Delay, and Modulation.

  • Six Effects in two Flagship Pedals! 
    • CODY®: Compressor, Overdrive/Distortion, and Noise Gate
    • ARTIETM: Reverb, Delay, and Modulation
  • Great Travel Guitar Pedal Set: The two pedals are mounted together with our innovative BASE BOOTs. Along with CODY’s integrated handle, it eliminates costly pedalboards; easy to carry pedals in an ultra low-footrint! Carry them in your back pack, or the pouch of your guitar gig bag.

NEW TO PEDALS?  If you are new to effects & pedals, this bundle provides all you need to get started with great guitar tones.

ON THE GO? If you play at multiple locations, this is a perfect pedal set to travel or even tour with!

WANT MORE? This pedal set can be expanded any time you are ready, utilizing the patent-pending MIDDLE BOOT or EXPANSION BOOT to add more pedals to your mix!

Configuration Options:

The Perfect Pedal Set includes CODY (front-end effects), ARTIE (back-end effects), BASE BOOT Mounts, and optional accessories to create the right solution for you!

Included in every Bundle:

      • CODY (Qty1): Compressor, Overdrive/Distortion, and Noise Suppression multi-effects pedal w/ manual
      • ARTIE (Qty1): Reverb, Delay, and Modulation multi-effects pedal w/ manual
      • BASE BOOT Mounts (Qty 2): The included pedals can be connected together with two BASE BOOTs to make it easy to transport. This eliminates the need to buy an expensive pedalboard!

Optional Add-ins:

      • Audio Jumper ("Patch") Cable - (Qty1): This 3-inch cable connects CODY's output to ARTIE's input without the need for managing excess cable length.
      • 9V AC/DC  Power Supply (Qty1): This power supply provides a very clean 9VDC power to the pedals.
      • Power Distribution Cable (Qty1): This cable connects the single Power Supply to both CODY and ARTIE simultaneously, eliminating the need for a second power supply.

Quickly and Easily Adjust your Sounds: CODY and ARTIE display a color-coded chart and arcs around the knobs! Learn more!


5-Year Limited Warranty


  • 5
    Great Pedal

    Posted by Andrew P on Mar 19th 2024

    I recently purchased this guitar pedal and I'm thrilled with it! It's incredibly easy to use, packed with functions that I love, and versatile enough to handle all different styles of playing. The color coordination really stood out and helps me find the exact tone I’m going for! Plus, it's compact and convenient to carry around wherever I go. Highly recommended for any guitarist and especially those who travel!

  • 5
    The Perfect Pedal Set Really is Perfect!

    Posted by Noah H. on Oct 30th 2023

    I recently got my hands on the HandleBox Perfect Pedal Set and I have to say, they exceeded my expectations. As a guitar player, I've tried many pedals and this stands among the greats. The build quality is excellent and the pedals are very responsive. Cody is a great sounding tube screamer-like overdrive and compressor with a noise gate. Artie has fantastic-sounding reverb and delay options. The difference here, is that they work seamlessly together and are compact and mounted together so I can easily grab them to go anywhere.. The sound quality is top-notch and the pedals really are very easy to use. I highly recommend the HandleBox Perfect Pedal Set to any guitar player looking for a high-quality, reliable set of pedals.

  • 5
    Awesome Pedal Combo

    Posted by Pete H on Nov 25th 2022

    This pedal combo is awesome! The effects sound great and the color coding makes it super quick and simple to dial in whatever sound you are looking for. I also love the "boot" and handle so I don't need an additional pedal board. I highly recommend the "Perfect Pedal Set."

  • 5
    Sounds Amazing!

    Posted by Laurel H. on Nov 23rd 2022

    The reverb and delay options are great and easy to use, I especially like the mod sound. The pedals really make me sound better. I'm new to guitar so this helps a lot! The overdrive has a range. I got a clean sound with a bite, I can play classic rock and also get solo distortion. Playing both ARTIE and CODY together sounds amazing! It was so nice to have the color codes so I new where to start and then could adjust as needed. And the handle is a convenient feature too!

  • 5
    The Tone!

    Posted by Reese C on Nov 17th 2022

    The set arrived faster than I expected. I was able to start playing through it right away and was surprised how much better my playing can sound. I didn't know it could be so easy to change to different styles of music. It is a perfect set to have all the effects I need without needing a big pedalboard.

  • 5
    The perfect set for your gigging and home studio work

    Posted by Philip Edwards on Nov 17th 2022

    Handlebox’s set up is everything I could hope for in portable and full function guitar sound. I play jazz and music from the 50-70s and the perfect set has everything to give me authentic effects for my gigs. I love the portability and easy to use design in an all around package I can take on the go. Thanks Handlebox for making the perfect set. It’s perfect, for me!