Compress, Overdrive/Dist'n


CODY®  combines three "front-end" effects into one pedal, so that you can play all major guitar genres: Rock, Country, Blues, Funk/Soul, Metal, 80's and 50's. 

  • Compressor is designed to make your playing sound steady-handed and smooth. It also lets you cut through the mix when playing in a band. As you add more compression, you can get a beautiful sustain that can sound like a violin, which is great for guitar solos. Think of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Jim Hendrix and Eric Johnson. 
  • Overdrive/Distortion is designed to mimic the classic Tube Screamer pedal (we use the same operational amplifier chip), but we add extra punch. Add a little overdrive to get a nice smooth tone to your sound, add more to get nice grit for rhythm playing or blues, or go full out to get heavy rock or metal tones. 
  • Noise suppression will cut out noise when you stop playing- making it dead quiet. This is important when you have lots of overdrive/distortion and compression going on.

Quickly and Easily Adjust your Sounds: CODY displays a color-coded chart and arcs around the knobs! Learn more!



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