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Expected release date is Feb 29th 2024

PRE-ORDER NOW!! The Perfect Pedal Set with CODY B. & ARTIE gives you all the essential guitar pedal effects you need between your guitar and amp to play right "out-of-the-box”; two Easy-to-Use guitar pedals are integrated together with FIVE EFFECTS: Overdrive, Boost, Reverb, Delay, and Modulation. Expect 2 to 3 months for delivery.

  • Six Effects in two Flagship Pedals! 
    • CODY® B.: Booster and Overdrive/Distortion
    • ARTIETM: Reverb, Delay, and Modulation
  • Great Travel Guitar Pedal Set: The two pedals are mounted together with our innovative BASE BOOTs. Along with CODY’s integrated handle, it eliminates costly pedalboards; easy to carry pedals in an ultra low-footrint! Carry them in your back pack, or the pouch of your guitar gig bag.

NEW TO PEDALS?  If you are new to effects & pedals, this bundle provides all you need to get started with great guitar tones.

ON THE GO? If you play at multiple locations, this is a perfect pedal set to travel or even tour with!

WANT MORE? This pedal set can be expanded any time you are ready, utilizing the patent-pending MIDDLE BOOT or EXPANSION BOOT to add more pedals to your mix!

Configuration Options:

The Perfect Pedal Set includes CODY B., ARTIE, BASE BOOT Mounts, and optional accessories to create the right solution for you!

Included in every Bundle:

      • CODY B. (Qty1): Booster & Overdrive/Distortion multi-effects pedal w/ manual
      • ARTIE (Qty1): Reverb, Delay, and Modulation multi-effects pedal w/ manual
      • BASE BOOT Mounts (Qty 2): The included pedals can be connected together with two BASE BOOTs to make it easy to transport. This eliminates the need to buy an expensive pedalboard!

Optional Add-ins:

      • Audio Jumper ("Patch") Cable - (Qty1): This 3-inch cable connects CODY's output to ARTIE's input without the need for managing excess cable length.
      • 9V AC/DC  Power Supply (Qty1): This power supply provides a very clean 9VDC power to the pedals.
      • Power Distribution Cable (Qty1): This cable connects the single Power Supply to both CODY and ARTIE simultaneously, eliminating the need for a second power supply.

Quickly and Easily Adjust your Sounds: CODY and ARTIE display a color-coded chart and arcs around the knobs! Learn more!


5-Year Limited Warranty