Our Story


My name is Tony and I've been playing guitar for over 40 years.  I founded HandleBox Pedals because I kept getting frustrated with the guitar pedals I owned. I had too many, they took up a lot of space, and it was difficult to quickly change sounds during gigs or practices. It dawned on me that there were several ways to make guitar pedals simpler! During the Covid lockdown in 2020 and 2021, I spent countless hours designing just that, and HandleBox Pedals was born!

Our mission is to deliver super simple-to-use, great-sounding guitar pedals. Pedals, which are also called "stomp boxes", can be very confusing to understand, buy, or configure. We design pedals for anyone who wants to get great sounds out of their guitar pedals quickly and easily- whether you are a beginner, intermediate or gigging musician. By the way, we designed our pedals to be easily portable, wherever you go! After all, they have handles!

But, why do we focus on this?

TMI !!! When you start looking at using guitar pedals, there is A LOT to know. There are so many kinds, and there are an infinite number of ways to connect them together. We have ELIMINATED THE CONFUSION by integrating guitar effects into the most useful, easy to use, and least number of pedals as possible. Also making it a LOWER COST to you. 

Our pedals are fully compatible with 3rd party mainstream pedals. So when you are ready to grow your set of pedals, they can be mixed and matched with any of those pedals. 

Charity: For every 100 pedals we sell, we will donate a pedal to a beginner guitarist in need so that more people can enjoy music and participate in he community of playing music together.

KISS (Keep IT Simple Stupid) !!! There is a "most commonly use" set of effects for the main types of genres like rock, blues, metal, country and bass players.  Our pedal set includes all the necessary effects you'll need such as compressor, overdrive/distortion, tone, noise suppression, reverb, and delay. 

Each knob is marked with simple to understand settings, so it is easy to dial in the right tones for your music!

ON THE GO !!! The pedals are mounted together using our innovative BOOTs, making it easy to take anywhere. There is no need to go out and buy an expensive pedalboard, saving on money and complexity. 

Tony Romero is the President of HandleBox. He is a musician, engineer, music teacher, inventor, and entrepreneur. Tony worked for Bartolini Pickups and Electronics. Before that, he pioneered computing blade servers at Intel which helped grow the Internet in the early 2000's. He founded HandleBox Pedals to make guitar pedals simple and fun for any guitarist. All pedals are made in San Luis Obispo, CA and meet the high standards of other high quality guitar pedals.