BOOT Mounts

BOOT mounts are an innovative

system to mount pedals together.

Forget the PedalBoard!


BOOTTM mounts were designed by HandleBox to mount multiple pedals together easily, with the lowest footprint and lowest cost possible. The innovative design allows you to add more pedals as needed, and to be flexible to accommodate pedals from other vendors. This eliminates expensive and hard-to-use pedalboards!  

Easily carry your pedal set anywhere! From your room to the garage, your friend's house, your practice room, or the next gig. 

BOOTs mounts are much easier to use than generic pedal boards. There is no need for mounting brackets or hook-and-loop strips when you mount HandleBox pedals! The four screws from the pedal itself hold each pedal to the baseboards. 

Use one of our BOOT mounts to grow your pedal collection!

  • BASE BOOT: BOOTs mate to each other, where one is turned 180 degrees. Use two BASE BOOTS to mount two pedals together.
  • MID BOOT (Coming Soon!): When you are ready to add one or more pedal(s) to your existing set, use one MID BOOT for each pedal. Allows you to mount 3 or more pedals together that are HandleBox Pedal size or 1590BB2* enclosure size. Mount the pedals with screws.
  • LONG BOOT (Coming Soon!): When you want to add 3rd party pedals with different shapes or sizes, use one of our LONG BOOT mounts. Mount these pedals using hook and loop strips. 

*1590BB2 Enclosures have the following dimensions:

  • 4.7 in x 3.7 in x 1.49 in
  • (119 mm x 94 mm x 38 mm)