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The CODY®  guitar pedal combines a Compressor, Overdrive/Distortion, and Noise Gate effects into one Easy-to-Use pedal. Play all major music genres: Rock, Country, Blues, Funk/Soul, Metal, 80's, and 50's. 

  • COMPRESSOR: Designed to make your playing sound steady-handed and smooth. It also lets you cut through the mix when playing in a band. As you adjust at the higher levels, you can get a beautiful sustain that can sound like a violin, which is great for guitar solos. Think of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Jim Hendrix, and Eric Johnson. 
      • ON/OFF FOOTSWITCH: True bypass footswitch that turns the effect on or off. It includes a GREEN indicator light when the effect is on.
      • COMP VOLUME: Adjust the output volume of the compressor.
      • SUSTAIN: Adjust how much of the compressor effect is added to your guitar sound. 
      • ATTACK: Adjust the time it takes for the compressor to operate after hitting your first note. You can make your guitar sound natural at lower levels, or more punchy at higher levels.
  • OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION is designed to mimic the classic Tube Screamer pedal (we use the same operational amplifier chip), but with extra punch. Add a little overdrive to get a nice smooth tone to your sound, add more to get nice grit for rhythm playing or blues, or go full out to get heavy rock or metal tones. 
      • ON/OFF FOOTSWITCH: True bypass footswitch that turns the effect on or off. It includes a RED indicator light when the effect is on.
      • OD VOLUME: As you increase volume, you send more signal to the amp, and your amp will add more distortion. Boost even more for your solos. [How to set your amp for the best distortions.]
      • DISTORTION: Go from a subtle boost to "crunchy" rhythms, to screaming rockin' distortion
      • TREBLE: Boost your treble to cut through the mix in a band. 
  • NOISE SUPPRESSION will cut out noise when you stop playing- making it dead quiet. This is important when you have lots of overdrive/distortion and compression going on.
      • ON/OFF SWITCH: True bypass toggle switch that turns the effect on and off. We recommend only using the noise suppression when your compressor's (volume and sustain) and/or overdrive/distortion (volume and distortion) are at high levels (great than 60%).
      • NOISE GATE: This knob adjusts the low volume threshold which cuts off your output and gives you dead quiet. We recommend adjusting this as low as possible, so it doesn't abruptly cut off your signal.
  • 9V DC POWER INPUT: CODY is operated with 9-volt DC power; either a power adapter or a battery. The power adapter plug is a barrel connector and is standard for many guitar pedals. We recommend using a good-quality POWER ADAPTER. You can use a 9-volt battery plugged into the battery compartment inside the enclosure.  
    • INPUT JACK: This is a standard 1/4" audio jack. When there is no cable plugged into this jack, it cuts off the battery, so it saves the life of the battery.
    • OUTPUT JACK: This is a standard 1/4" MONO audio jack.
  • HANDLE: A sturdy aluminum handle is mounted directly on the pedal to make it easy to carry one or more pedals. 

Quickly and Easily Adjust your Sounds: CODY displays a color-coded chart and arcs around the knobs! Learn more!


5-Year Limited Warranty


  • 5
    A great little device

    Posted by Steve Huntington on Nov 17th 2022

    I've had a hard time finding effects that work easily for me, so I decided to try this one out. It seemed "too easy" that this would be as simple as advertised, but I was able to find some nice sounds pretty much right out of the box. The recommended initial settings shown on the pedal itself are well placed and kind of a cool way to help with setup. I did try a few different settings and I was able to get sounds I thought fit the different styles I was hoping to get out of it. With the range of choices this pedal offers, it's a nice compact unit for portability. And the handle is a nice touch for that as well... this is a well thought-out piece.